I am not very good with writting, especially not about myself :)
I am 40+ years young, live with my daughter Christine and two cats - Precious and Sweety.
We live in the south of Sweden in a town called Helsingborg,
we got about 20 minutes boattravel to Helsingör in Denmark.

Jag på väg ut

 I always been fascinated with other peoples talent to make homepages,
 so for about 5 years ago I started to try myself.
 Since I didn't have any knowledge about building pages or html I started
 with a "what you see is what you get" program.
 my first pages where "published" on the net in October 1999,
 actually I made 6 pages 'lol'
 I try to work on my pages a lot, though it can take some time 'lol'
 and I try to learn new things as I make them, like scripts and now lately
 I started drawing my own graphics.
 I love to redecorate and add stuff to my pages...
 I am very proud of what I have acomplidge through the years ...
 from 6 pages to over 200 'lol'

Witch :)
Yes it is me.. borrowed Cher's clothes ;)




The graphic is made by me with help from tutorials
Snowdrop design

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aka "Swedish Goddess"
Updated 2005-01-30
content & Pagedesign 
Mian 1999 - and so on:)

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