This page is a dedication to my father, who left us December 1st 2000. 
Some might think it strange that I am doing this page so soon after his dead, 
but this is my way to deal with the sorrow. I have known for a few years that he was sick and that he would die, unless some scientist created a miracle medicine to take away the tumor. He struggled with cancer and was very sick the last week, 
but he passed away calmly in his sleep and feels no pain anymore. 
I am grateful that he doesn't hurt anymore, it was really though and sad to see
him the last days. 

My dad was a very funny man and no one that I know could tell a story like he could and we don't have many photos that are "normal", he just had to put out his tongue or make faces.

My cousin once told me that dad and I was alike... not the looks 'lol'
but the humor and the way to tell stories. That made me very happy, cause my dad was a  very funny and special man. I love to listen to stories about my dad, especially when he tried to tell a funny story.

When I was younger, I was "daddy's little girl" and if I couldn't get something from my mother - like candy or money - I could always go to daddy. He would ask me what my mom had said and I couldn't lie to him so I had to tell him that she said no, and he just smiled and gave me money so I could buy what I wanted.

My daughter wasn't 2 years old when her grandfather died, but she was with us at the hospital, dad was in a coma, he had a bruise on his head and he looked like he was sleeping, Christine said " shhh, granddad is in pain and he must sleep".
She came to me many times after his death and told me that grandpa was going to visit us soon, he was just in pain and had to sleep.. it was so difficult to tell her that granddad wouldn't come.. but I told her that he wasn't in pain anymore and that he was looking after us both, wherever he was...
It makes me so sad to know that dad isn't here for his granddaughter, he would probably taught her many bad things and words 'lol' but boy! would she had fun..
He would have given her so much.. life isn't fair!

I am not a religious person, but I do believe that my mother 
and father are together somewhere now and they are meeting the other persons that have left us - like daddy's mother) and my other grandparents  (mom's dad and mother). They do not feel any pain, they're happy and looking after us like guardian angels.

~ 30 November 2001 ~

    November 30th 2001 ~ 
Tomorrow a year has gone by since you left us... 
Time goes so fast, to fast. It just flies away. 
I miss you so much daddy. 
I hope you are in a good place and your pain is gone... 
You are always with me in my heart... 
I love you!

Dad, Peter and me


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