This page is dedicated to my beloved grandmother


September 13th 1919
August 25th 2002

My beloved grandma, with those words I began almost every call I made to you.
You where truly loved, not only by me and your family, but by a lot of people who you
touched with your charm and personality. The grief is so strong, the thought of not
seeing you again, nor ever more get a hug from you, no more hear your voice. 
It hurt so much, life wont be the same without you. 
Once again it feel like my roots are pulled up and once again I loose someone who I
love and care about so much. 
You have given me so much, my wish is to be like you when I grow older, you are my
roll model.
You had a big heart filled with love, tenderness and understanding.
Thank You for everything my sweet Grandma, for the love and the care that you
given me.I will always have my little teddiebear that you gave me when I was a
kid to hug, but it's not really the same. But I will always have the memory of you.
You had a very rich life, but you also had to go through some though and painful
stages, but you got through them thanks to your stubbornness and your will to live, 
I do hope that inherit some of that from you, foremost the stubbornness.
A little comfort is that you now got peace and don't hurt anymore 
and that you are meeting the ones you lost through the years..
You along with mom and dad will always have a special place in my heart 
and I am so happy that Christine got to know her Grandma Wivi. 
I promise that your memory will live on through her.

My grandma was truly an angel on earth
She is still an angel who watch over us. It is so safe to know

Someone who is very close to me wrote this:

"Grandma is now more close to us then she was alive in this earthly life,
her soul is with us always, she guards us, guides us from above 
and curse us when we do stupid things.
Though most of all she is there, with Grandpa, Mom and Dad 
and daddy's mother and loves us.
With our thoughts and our love to them the connection is still here 
and it grows endlessly and through eternity.
The time we have here on earth, when the soul is limited to the body, 
is a fraction of the life that the soul have un other worlds.
I am convinced of this.
The meaning with life must be to leave something behind, 
just like Grandma with her way of being, showing everyone near her and that loved her, 
deep love, kindness, steadfast, principled, to be true to yourself and to others.
She only wanted the best for others and lived her life after that."


3 Generations:
Me , Grandma and my mother

My beloved Grandma and my dear brother

4:a Generations
Mom, Grandma, Christine and me

my daughter and her Grandma Wivi


"Send Me An Angel" 
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Allen Kevorkov


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