My Little Brother

Well though he is over 40 years old, he is still my little brother....
He is the cutest, cuddliest and sweetest I know... well besides my daughter

Though I haven't always thought that 'lol'. He was ok until he started to walk..
then he became one big teaser! Followed me everywhere and took my stuff
and hit me... then when I finally gave back at him, he ran to mom and shouted
"mom! Mian hit me".and of course I got yelled at for that, cause he was sooooo little
and I who was 6 years older should know better ;)
Of course the little rasqual thought it was funnier when he
got away with it all the time *grrrrr*

Our parent got divorced when I was about 15, and some years
after that we moved to an apartment and dad stayed in our house..
I think it was then my brother and I could stay in the same room without fighting,
well he was older then, but the same teaser... (he is still a teaser 'lol')
When I moved to my own appartment it became different
and since then our sibling love have grown and grown
and today I love him more then words can say!
We been through a lot the last 7 years, with our parents deaths
and our grandmothers to... even if you are over 30 years of age
and loose both your parents it seem like you are an orphan...
All of a sudden you feel all alone and so terrible small.
But with a brother like mine it feel some better,
cause he isn't afraid of showing his feelings, giving lots of hugs
and tell me he loves me :)

Unfortunately he lives and works in Israel so I only see him twice a year,
but we talk every week on the phone and
he send little gifts to my daughter now and then ;)
The times when he comes to Sweden are so good, to be able to hug him, feed him
and just have him near are so wonderful,
He often stays just for a week, but that is so great...
but then when he leaves is so hard for me emotionally...
He is all I have except for my daughter...
Christine is sometimes very like her uncle...
stubborn and mischievous and a teaser 'lol'

Peisser on his way to school

Christine asked me one day who I loved most in the world,,,
That is so hard to list, but if you "take away"
those who aren't among us (they have a special place in our hearts anyway)
my list would look like this ;


1. Christine
2. Peter
3. Precious and Sweety

First photo of Uncle Peter and Christine