So you wanted to know more about me :)
This is my 100- list
Could add more, but think it's enough, 
maybe should ask my friends to add a list about me *lmao*
But might not turn out that positive 'rofl'

1. Real name is Marie 
2. Live in Helsingborg / Sweden 
3. 40+  years young
4. Often called Mia 
5. or Mian
6. Mother to Christine Born in February 1998 
7. Favorite color right now? burgundy and purple
8. My second name is Christine 
9. was pretty thin 
10. Blue/green eyes 
11. Blonde (and enjoy it (*s*) 
12. I am 174 centimeters long 
13 love animals
14. Born 1965
15. Sagittarius
16. Birthday is November 24th
17. Love Coffee, especially Zoégas, made in my hometown
18. Don't like to be alone to long 
19. Love Teddiebears 
20. Like most kinds of music 
21. but are a big fan of Elvis Presley
22. and Cher
23. Dress mostly in black 
24. Am a Tolkien and Lord of The Rings Fan(atic)
25. Miss my dashhound Sunshine
26. Had a BIG cat named Totte 
27. and a budgie named Elvis
28. Have had 2 dash hounds named Sussie (not in the same time)
29. Don't have a drivers license
30. Don't like to exercise 
31. Seen the Trilogy Lord of The Rings more then 15 times
32. and read the books several times (Swedish and English)
33. Have Cable Internet and couldn't do without it 
34. Am not a computer nerd 
35. Done some homepages by now 
36. Love to play games on computer or Nintendo 
37. Done Tiberian Sun, Renegade and the other C&C games
38. Love my Daughter (of Course) 
39. and my friends and Family 
40. Am pretty sloppy (me and vacuum cleaner don't get along)
41. Love Cheese Doodles
42. Crayfish, boiled in dill.. YUMMY
43. Got a tattoo 
44. Cry easily
45. Smokes
46. Favorite Perfume is "Knowing" by Estée Lauder 
47. Are To nice sometimes 
48. Think Sam Elliott is handsome
49. Love most animals 
50. Beer!! Oh Yes! 
51. and also a nice glass of wine, red and Spanish 
52. Love scented candles
53. Have a Laptop
54. Usually have my hair in a pigtail 
55. Favorite Flower: Lily of the Valley 
56. and rose
57. Favorite food: Chinese
58. and kebab 
59. Love Garlic 
60. Don't like bills :)
61. Would love to visit USA 
62. Highest wish is to go to New Zeeland
63. Would like to live closer to the sea
65. Have a total of 6 holes for earring in my ears 
66. Thinks Sean Connery is still very sexy 
67. Like summer and warm weather 
68. Don't like winter a lot
69. Think I am a pretty positive woman 
70. Finally moved to my own house 
71. Bite my nails sometimes
72. Like to watch animal shows on TV 
73. and comedies
74. Enjoy the peace in the tub, with scented candles 
75. Hate gardenwork
76. Love Christmas and all it's decorations
77. BBQ in the summer.. a must!
78. Read Fantasy Books 
79. Wear jeans almost all the time 
80. Love my two cats
81. Still a typical 80's person when it comes to clothes and shoes. 
82. Don't like thunder and lighting 
83. Miss my mom, who died November 1998 
84. Miss my dad, who dies December 2000 
85. have the most amazing brother
86. Forget to water my plants 's' 
87. Pen crazy and so is my daughter, can never find a pen 'lol'
88. Believe in Angels
89. Don't like the fashion that is popular
90. Have lived in Spain during the summers when I was younger
91. Like to put on makeup, but don't always have the time
92. Am allergic to wasps
94. Wouldn't mind to have a maid
95. Love Seafood
96. Got a dishwasher ;) 
97. Love the ham on Christmas
98. Love getting mail
99. Would like to be able to sleep longer in the mornings
100. miss my grandmother