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So glad you stopped by.
This is just one of the sites that 
I have done, but this is the one I call my "main site"
this was the first I started on when I made my first pages back in 1999, and boy has it grown through the years 'lol'

I rearranged some on my pages, might be easier to find,
and then again, maybe not 'lol' 
Don't forget to visit my family memorial pages
and the page I donefor our dashhound puppy
Visit my dedication pages to the e-groups and 
webrings that I have done...
And don't forget to read my very important page about copyright 
and the support of Original Graphics, please go there! 
The graphics on my pages are made by me,
with help from great tutorials
and I am a registered member of a lot of graphic sites. 
I do try to respect the graphics artists rules and 
"Give Credit Where Credit is Due".

You will find my pages to the left and right :)
So, I hope that you will have fun when you browse
through my rooms
and that you will find something interesting here.
Please come back again and don't forget to write in 
my guestbook so that I know that you've been here :) 

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