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Gjorde en lite undersökning på Sunny's släktingar och fann att hennes Farmors Far 
var en stor Champion och har vunnit många priser. Jag hittade en hemsida från hans kennel.

Hans namn var "FoxFoot Tintorozzo"
Jag skrev ett mail till kennelägaren och frågade om jag fick "låna" kortet på Tinto 
och detta var svaret som jag fick:

Of course you can!
Tinto was a marvelous male both inside his head, as a most clever male
with a really beautiful temperament, and not to mention his working
skills! He was with me until he was 6 years old as a Int Show and WorkCh
trained and shown by me. Then he should be on "leasing" with kennel
Opalina for a year. They used him both as tracker dog and
earth dog, I have a photo of Tinto after being in a den breaking out a
live fox. he was never sharp or aggressive, just smart and did his job
perfectly. His Danish Working Ch demanded a first prize on blood tracking
on a trial of an age about 48 hours Tinto was also used for baying
hunting on rodeo here in Norway, as both me and my husband have a
hunting license. After a year Tinto was planned to come home, but I
didn´t had the heart to separate Tinto and Claes, he was once-in-a
-lifetime dog for him and Tinto was a dog ment for the forests, as
tracking deer's or hunting. We still have co-work with kennel Opalina,
ans still we talk about the old days and dogs like Tinto. 

Best wishes, and thank you for the linkexchange. 
Britt &
Foxfoot kennel

Och Detta är Sunny's Farmors Far
FoxFoot Tintorozzo


Stilig Hund
Klicka på fotot för att läsa mer om Tinto

Familjen  Jamraths från Danmark skev i min gästbok och 
de har också tax som har Foxfoot Tintorozzo som släkting... 
Titta in på deras sida.. underbart fotogalleri med massor av taxar ;)



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