November 15th

Woke up and got this in my mail:

"Hey sweetie!

I missed you today (yesterday for you). :-( 
I hope everything is okay with you. I got 3 hours sleep last night so ended up sleeping almost all day. 
Grrrr...yes, Princess Katie struck again! Oh well. Just thought I'd say "hi". 
Hi!!! LOL And I'll talk to you soon!

Oh...and guess what? I got this tube tonight, and well, 
I just couldn't help myself. Hehe It made me think of you and me in 20 years when 
I go visit you and we take a grand tour of Europe together. 
Oh, of course, you're the blonde. :-) Don't we look like we're having a blast? 
I can't wait to go. June 2022!! Yes, I'm a nut, but ya gotta love me. Its the law. LOLOL!!

Love you lots!!

Hehehehh I love it!!! Could be a GREAT time for us biking around Europe ;)

December 2nd

Good Morning
Sound on, my friend. 
Love you,

Thinking of you always! 
Hope you've had a great day! Happy St. Lucia Day!

This is beautiful - Thank You my friend :)



~My sweet Friend made me some SigTags.. Love Them!

Hiya Shnookums!!
I've missed you, but I understand that things get busy and we have other things to do in our "real" lives. The only difference between you and I is that you DO those other things and I don't! LOL

I'm so glad you liked the image! It was my pleasure. Anything for my shnookums. :-)

Love you and I'll talk to you soon!
Big huge hugs and lotsa love!



I try to send ctherese a couple of fun/cute pages a week.
here are some of them
Beary Much

Teddy Hug

"Awwww Sweetie!! I love it! And I love you too!!!

Awwwwwww so sweet :)


You Light up my Life

"Thank you...again!! You are so sweet to send me all these pages! I'm
always looking for pages to send you, but can't find the good ones like you
find. Just know that I love you and appreciate all these beauties, okay?
Oh...and I forgot to tell you, I worked on my "Mian" page today. If you
want to take a peek at it. :-)

Love ya!!


~This card reminded me of ctherese

Special Friend


Bladder Ballad *giggle*

ROFL!! Did they get hugged too hard? 
LOL That is so cute! Thank you for making my day!!

Love you, schnookums!!!

And I love my new Nickname "Schnookums"

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