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(Birthname from the kennel: Pågarnas Poppy Little Dancer)

Born 14 Juli 2002

Died 7 Maj 2012 16:30

Sunny has been such an amazing dog and a friend to me for all these years and so funny.
She made me laugh so many times with her silly play.

She loved her squeaky toys she hid them under whatever she could find on the floor or under my cover
and bounced on top and dig it out.

She ran up the stairs, I could hear her run around up there, pushing the ball in front of her and
then push it down the stairs chasing after it.

She pushed the ball under places where she couldn't reach them (on purpose)
and then whine until I cam and got it for her

She will be so missed, the house is so quiet, whatever I did she was always 1 step behind, even in the bathroom.
I look behind me all the time to see if she is there.

It's gonna take a long time until i don't look behind me, until I sleep well without her under my cover,
even sitting by the puter is hard, she always curled up in my lap.

I would like to think that all our pets come to where ever we turn up, if so I know she was well taken care of by mom, dad,
my two other dash hounds and my cat andthat there be loads of squeaky toys for her to play with and
let others crawl and get them for her.

Thank You my darling Sunny for all you given me these years and for all the memories I will carry with me.

I love you and I miss you


september 2002:

I couldn't never think of buying another kind of dog,
so when the "idea" got in my head it was just to get in the car
and drive to the same kennel that we bought the other two dogs at.
It is a joy to have a dog in the house...
though everyone doesn't think so ;)




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