~A lovely Goddess with long blonde hair
She glances to the heavens in the early morning light
Her blue eyes dance with excitement at her lover's sight
Enthralled with her loveliness, he touches her hair
A Swedish Goddess with skin so fair&nbsp
Mesmerized by her beauty, his soul takes flight
Like a dove in the morning with feathers white
A love so tender and full of light
Doves flutter like angels in the soft sunlight
She steps toward him with arms held wide
The love of his life, a goddess in disguise~

Soft Poetry By Sand***
(Don't copy without permission)
Thank You so much Sand for letting me use it 
“my” way *LOL*



I had the domain swedishgoddess since 1999, the name Swedish Goddess came from my friends in the US :P
This year I decided not to renew the domain name since I don't do a lot on my homepages anymore.. but I still have my old websets that where made for me =)

Swedish Goddess set #1

Swedish Goddess xmas set


This was made by Anna at Bossets Creations .
Thank You I love it ;)


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Thank You so much my friend... 

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