As I decorate the symbolic christmas tree
I hold within my heart
Fond memories of time shared with thee.

I surround myself in mementos of the past
Cherished keepsakes
Hoping the flame of this moment will last.

Secured in my hand an ornament of treasure
A favorite of yours
Reminiscent of a time of undying pleasure.

Snowflakes making their way to the ground
Soft kisses from an angel
A feeling of warmth in my soul doth surround.

Holidays are a time when I am missing you most
Then you drop in
Fluttering my spirit on the wings of a heavenly host.

I am reminded of your presence everywhere
Memoirs scattered
Amid the scent of pine needles in the air.

Carols of Christmas gently lull me into harmony
Echoes of the past
When we sang and danced in perfect symphony.

Joyously embracing the celebration of birth
Never forgetting
The gift given to those sharing time on earth.

Enfolded now in remembrance of a time gone by
The spirit of the season
Flickers as the flame of aromatic candles rise high.

I stand back and look at the tall evergreen aglow
I smile sentimentally
Encompassed by the feeling that all is well below.

Merry Christmas Mom..
I miss you so much...

This Poem is written by my friend Ruthi..
She wrote it after I chatted with her while I was doing my Christmas
decorations and told her how much I missed my mom and
how I treasured her decorations I was putting up.

*Thank You sweet friend.. I just love this poem*


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