My friend Chrissy

Some people can't understand how someone can make good friends over the internet, well you can!
I did find a dear and good friend that way.. It began when I joined a group on the net,
I knew some of the people in it,  one of the first days of my "membership"
I got an email from one of the girls in the group and she introduced herself
and ask if I could consider being a team leader for one of the teams.
Well I didn't think twice about that offer, I was surprised that they asked me when I was just a newbie 'lol'.
She was the manager of the teams at that time so we started to email each other
and shortly after that we started talking on Yahoo messenger.. since then, about 2 years ago,
we talked hundreds of times on the messenger 'lol' We laughed and we cried together,
she been to some tough times in her life and so have I,
and we where there for each other almost every day.
She have an humor that suits me ;) and we laugh about the same things,
silly things that we just have to tell eachother, secrets that I didnít tell anyone else.
One of the highlights was when I called her on the phone, I think we talked for an hour,
and I had to talk to some other people of her family Ďlolí.
It was so much fun to talk to her finally, to hear her voice and her laughter.
She is a dear, dear friend of mine and I can truly say that I love her,
she mean a lot to me and I am so happy that she came into my life when she did.
Lately we havenít talked that much on the messenger, due to real life issues,
but she is in my thoughts daily and I miss talking to her.
We manage sometimes to be online at the same time,
it is difficult when we live in different parts of the word.
But that is how it is with friends in your near to, some times we drift a part for awhile,
to later get together again and I am sure that my sweet friend Chrissy
and I will get together again and chat all night long ;)
And one day our dream will come true and we will meet in real life..
and then there be REAL Life hugging 'lol'